Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

Sara worked for Ibtissam Alsaadi and her family for 11 months. In this time she was physically, psychologically and sexually abused by the family.

Ibtissam Alsaadi & Her Sexual Abusing Children

Abdallah and Maha Rafi are lawyers and slaveholders who still owe $10,000 to their former employees.

Abdallah and Maha Rafi Lawyers/Slaveholders

She had been beaten black and blue and had bruises over her whole body. The Lebanese described the treatment she’d received as extremely cruel.

Loriefe Durato was employed as a domestic worker in the home of Bassam Abdel Hadi and Reem Yacoub Abdel Hadi and then fled to the Embassy of the Philippines.

Bassam Abdel Hadi and Reem Yacoub Abdel Hadi at Crystal One Spa

Keriya’s family contacted This Is Lebanon on 23 December 2018. They were worried because Keriya, an Ethiopian national, had been in Lebanon for six years. She had finished her contract. Why hadn’t she come home? Why hadn’t she sent them any money for six months?

Keriya, Released from Kafala Slavery

"They removed my uniform. I was standing there in my bra and underpants." Cesar Gebara abuses and violates his domestic workers.

The Mighty Cesar Gebara of Beirut is a Violent Man


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