Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

This Is Lebanon has received multiple testimonies about the alleged abuse committed by Chadi Chami, the owner of Chadi Trading. The testimonies come from women who came to Lebanon as domestic workers through his agency in Jbeil (Byblos).

This Is Lebanon has heard multiple testimonies alleging that Maroun Khawand, the owner of Mermaidia Agency, beats up and hurts Filipino workers he hires to come to Lebanon. We have been sent pictures of bruises by the women who have been beaten up by Maroun. His Filipino accomplice, Maricel, is based in Dubai.

According to Eva, Sarah placed more value on stray dogs than on human beings. Eva recounts how Sarah once beat her up when her pet dog urinated inside the house, blaming Eva for not taking it outside early enough. Another time, an Ethiopian colleague spilled rice on the floor and when Eva brought tissues to clean up, Sarah beat her up for not bringing towels. She hit her so badly that Eva attempted to jump out of the window, but Sarah stopped her. Eva asked to be taken back to the agency [to terminate her contract] but Sarah refused. Eva recounts that Sarah was always angry and aggressive.

Ruth was sexually harassed by Meriam’s father, treated like an animal, and sent home without $1,500 of her salary.

Bilal Bou Khaled and Meriam Kassem - Abusers and Slaveholders

Lena Aad publicly humiliated her by stripping her on the street. To date, Selina has not been paid by her or Rashed Ghandour.

Rashed Ghandour and Lena Aad - Abusers and Slaveholders in Lebnaon

Glencia worked for Najla Saad for 18 years. She was undocumented for 13 of those years. She returned home to the Philippines in a coffin.

Najla Saad Leaves her Worker Undocumented for 13 Years


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