Diamond dealers kept domestic worker as a slave and owe her $23,650

Filipino worker Rosemarie Galeno is owed over 5 years’ salary by her slaveholders, Raffi Davoyan and his wife Carine Davoyan (née Dimijian). The Davoyans are wealthy, fourth-generation diamond traders with businesses in Belgian diamond capital Antwerp, and in Beirut. 

Rosemarie first worked for the Davoyans in Lebanon from 2 July, 2006 to 17 March, 2014. She started on a salary of $200 per month. In total, she should have earned $18,400 for over 7 years of service. She was only ever paid $9,000 of this. 

So why was Rosemarie only paid half the amount she was owed? The Davoyans told her that her salary for the whole term was $12,000. Why would they lie, given that as diamond traders they are surely not short of money?

Even based on the Davoyans’ low figure, which works out at $130 per month, there was a shortfall of $3,000. We should also mention that year on year, domestic workers are typically given a salary raise by their employers for their dedication. Rosemarie’s salary was never increased.

Throughout her time working for the Davoyans, Rosemarie asked to go home many times. She alleges that they ignored her, and allowed her paper and passport to expire. She eventually made it home to the Philippines.

Rosemarie returns to Lebanon to claim her owed salary

After her first time working for the Davoyans, she returned from the Philippines back to Lebanon on 6 May, 2014, against her family’s wishes. Rosemarie wanted the money she was owed, and they promised her that they would give it to her if she came back to them. This is a common practice used to lure back domestic workers to Lebanon; we have seen this used dozens of times in similar cases of non-payment.

The Davoyans also promised to raise Rosemarie’s salary to $500 per month. For this period, Rosemarie should have been paid $33,000 to date. So far she has received only $12,350.

She has kept an accurate, dated record of all the amounts she has been paid. There is a shortfall of $20,650 for this period. In total, she is owed $23,650 by the Davoyans, at the most conservative estimate.

We have worked out that she should be paid at least $30,050 based on her salary for both periods. This is not to mention flights home and other expenses which employers must cover, according to the domestic worker’s contract. 

Rosemarie: “I told them many times that I want to go home, but they ignored me.” “Sometimes she [Carine Davoyan] tells me that it’s not time to send my salary.”

Rosemarie herself contacted us on 26 October. She explained that she wasn’t working alone, and that her Filipino colleague Reina Factor was also unpaid and likely undocumented. 

We first came to hear about Rosemarie Galen via a Filipino worker who contacted This is Lebanon’s Facebook page on 24, October, 2019. She explained that Rosemarie wanted to return to her family, but she couldn’t leave because her residency permit had expired and her employer hadn’t renewed it. She also told us that the employer only allegedly gave Rosemarie her salary twice a year and never the full amount. Rosemarie’s concerned sister also contacted us, asking if we could help free her.


  • First term of service:  2 July, 2006 – 17 March, 2014 – a period of 7 years and 8 months.
  • Started on a salary of $200 per month. This was not raised at all. Rosemarie should have received $18,400 but only received $9,000. The Raffis told her that her salary for the whole term was $12,000. Even based on the Raffis’ low figure (which works out at $130 per month), there is a shortfall of $3,000.
  • Second term of service: 6 May, 2014 – present (5 years and 6 months).
  • Salary of $500 per month. She should have received $33,000. Has received $12,350. Rosemarie has kept an accurate record of amounts received and the dates. There is a shortfall of $20,650 for the second term.
  • Total shortfall: $23,650 (based on Raffi’s figures for first term). Actual shortfall: $30,050.
  • Rosemarie believes her residency permit and work permit expired a long time ago but does not know exactly when as her passport and papers are confiscated. Her passport was renewed this year.


  • Arrived in Lebanon 22 June, 2013. Still employed by the Davoyans to this day – a period of 6 years, 5 months.
  • Monthly salary when she arrived was $250. This should have been increased over the years.
  • Total salary based on low figure of $250 per month is $19,000. She has received $8,200. A shortfall of $10,800.
  • Reina’s passport, residency permit and work permit have all expired. The Davoyans have made no effort to renew them.


Rosemarie and Reina made short videos about their situation. They both say they want to go home but the Davoyans refuse to send them

Reina says, “We’re asking for help to go home because we are so stressed and sleep-deprived. They have the nerve to complain about our work but they’re not paying us.”

Having ascertained the facts from both Rosemarie and Reina, we contacted Raffi Devoyan. You can listen to the conversation. He denies that he owes any salary and even said he has paid in advance. He says that “every time Rosemarie’s friends go to the Philippines, she’s sending with them the cash and she’s sending sometimes with Western Union.”

When we ask Raffi if he has receipts for the payments he replies: “Since when in Lebanon when we pay a domestic helper, we get receipts? Are they companies? Do they have receipt books? It seems that you’re not aware of the system in Lebanon. Sometimes they pretend that Western Union is costing and directly these people they are going to the village. Every day they have a new story, their cousin is sick, a friend is sick, etc., so sometimes when their friends they are leaving she sends the money with them. Even I gave her some money in advance because she wanted to buy land. I don’t owe her anything.”

When we sent that audio of Raffi’s response to Rosemarie, she replied: “You see how they are lying. He’s a very bad employer. They told you [they are] treating me here [like a] family are not. They are angry at me because my money is very big with them. Maybe they throw me outside. Maybe they get the police to take me. I’m afraid.” 

It’s important to note here that Rosemarie disputed everything Raffi said: she was not being treated well, or even paid her full salary.

Raffi Devoyan: “We treat Rosemarie like a member of the family”

On 7 November 2019, we sent Raffi messages on WhatsApp advising that our goal was not to expose him; rather our goal was to get Rosemarie and Reina sent home with their salaries. We said that we would like to come to a fair agreement for all parties involved. 

Raffi responded: “I tell you again that Rose is being treated like a member of the family and she has much more comfort, and she is living in a much better life condition in my house than the comfort and conditions she used to at her parents’ house. The most ironic part is that I will use your words (you owe Rose $23,650$) which is 100% false and not true at all. Anyway I will try to gather all my papers and documents and will get back to you in 2 weeks. Cos I can’t leave my work and spend more than on this issue as it ALREADY took my half day. I have some other things to take care of. And I assume you are aware of what our country is facing and passing through a lot now. Next time you address to me you tell me Mr Raffi. I’m not your helper here. Bye.”

On 10 November, Rosemarie and Reina sent This is Lebanon new videos which were clearly made under coercion. Reina, in particular, seems very afraid. Both have obviously been trained in what to say.

They both say they are sorry for the first videos and confess their love for their employers who have never denied them their salaries and even buy them gifts and give them bonuses. Reina says: “They’re like my family. I love them.”

So who are the Davoyans? They are diamond dealers, originally from Armenia, with a multinational business. Their website says: “A family tradition since 1890. 125 years of integrity.” See more about them in Meet The Abusers.

The Attempted Cover-up Begins

Shortly after This Is Lebanon posted this story on this website and on Facebook, the Davoyan family began a desperate campaign to cover-up their wrong doing. Their friend and lawyer, Joseph Yazbeck, an AUB and USJ graduate, has personally messaged many of the followers of this story sending them a message that they perceived as a threat. The full message is on the right.

Joseph’s message to a Lebanese who shared the story on the Davoyan family.

Since sending that, many Lebanese and domestic workers have reported to us that this has intimidated them into deleting their comments or shared post.

Joseph Yazbeck Warns Lebanese from Speaking Against Davoyan Diamond Dealing Slaveholders

In regards to the specific claims by Joseph Yazbeck:

  • Mr. Yazbeck is a lawyer representing the Davoyan family, so that should raise serious doubts about the credibility of his testimony.
  • Rosemarie came back to Lebanon in hopes of getting paid and that she hadn’t completely lost years of her life for slaving for an ungrateful family. She is still waiting.
  • We have no evidence of these claims of Gemma’s family. Regardless, they are not material to this case, for the supposed generosity to one person does not justify the enslavement of another.
  • The Davoyan family friend is not a credible source for interviewing enslaved and abused domestic workers in the home of their abusers, about whether his friend abused them.
  • If Mr. Yazbeck was serious about an investigation, he would take them to the Philippines Embassy where someone with the training and skills could conduct the interview in the safety of Philippines sovereignty.
  • If the Davoyan family had any evidence of the full payment of salaries, they would have presented it to discredit us and clear their name.
  • There is no evidence of us doing any sort of fear-mongering regarding the revolutionary activity in Lebanon. If there was, he would have provided it.
  • Mr. Yazbeck is a lawyer who is unaware of what blackmail actually is. We do not ask the employers for any money. No one has ever presented any evidence of us asking for money because we have never asked for it. We only ask them to pay the wages initially agreed upon to their workers and to send them home. Slavery is not an act that is privileged to any degree of privacy for the perpetrators of the crime. Anyone who commits this heinous act deserves to be exposed, forced to pay, and sent to prison. That is what we should do in every single case. We very graciously offer to not expose them if they pay their workers and send them home.
  • Mr. Yazbeck seems to forget that it is the Davoyans who are exploiting the “innocent and weak.” This is the type of behavior that people are out on the street protesting. The few have trampled over the many for too long.
  • We have been officially warned and we hope that all see the desperation of Mr. Yazbeck and the Davoyan family that they are resorting to intimidating the individual people who are sharing and commenting on the post

Rosemarie and Reina are still in a dire situation. The Davoyans are fighting hard to continue their mistreatment. Who will step-up and help?

This is Lebanon

My name is Joseph Yazbeck, Lawyer from Lebanon, friend of the Davoyan family and social activist.

After watching your video, I allow myself to draw to your followers’ attention the following points:

1- My Personal Knowledge of the Davoyan Family and Rosemarie and Reina:


I personally know the Davoyan family, Rosemarie and Reina, and I know very well that the family’s relationship with Rosemarie and Reina is unique and they are treated very well and even in an exceptional manner. Rosemarie has been with the Davoyan family since June 2006 (13 years already). On 17 march 2014 she went to visit her family in Philippine, she even stayed with her family 51 days then she decided to return back to Lebanon on 6 may 2014, happily with her own will, because she was very attached to Raffi and Caren Davoyan and the kids. If she had any problems with them why would have she returned from Philippine? why a person will return back if he was not happy at this house? Reina has been with the Davoyan family 6 years and 4 months as well from 20 June 2013 till now.

I remember as well the previous worker Gemma who used to work at the Davoyans when their father Mr Vahe was alive, and it was remarkable that Mr Vahe committed to pay the tuition fees (at school and university) of Gemma’s two elder children even after she left work. He kept supporting her family even after Gemma past away, then the sons of Mr Vahe continued the support after Mr Vahe’s death until Gemmas’ children graduated from university. (You obliged us to disclose such details although they are considered to be family secrets).

2- My Personal Investigation with Rosemarie and Reina:


When I watched this video, I contacted the family and asked to talk with Rosemarie and Reina. Rosemarie and Reina told me that what happened was the following:

Ms. Patricia (on behalf of This is Lebanon page), contacted them and told them that the situation in Lebanon is unstable and will lead to War (in order to scare them). Therefore, she asked them to film this video (without telling anyone) in order to help them leave Lebanon as soon as possible otherwise they will risk their lives in Lebanon and the Lebanese government will not let anyone leave the country. Rosemarie and Reina told me that they sent the video to Patricia, as per Patricia’s request, in order to facilitate all the paperwork at the embassy and to leave Lebanon. Ms. Patricia told them that the video should be very convincing otherwise they will be dying in Lebanon.

Rosemarie and Reina were surprised when they knew that the video was posted on Facebook and that the target was to blackmail their employer.

3- My Personal Investigation about “This is Lebanon”:


Based on the previously mentioned facts, I contacted several persons that had previous incidents with This is Lebanon page, and I knew that this page blackmailed them as well in order to pay a certain amount of money in return of not posting or deleting similar videos posted on their page. So obviously, the page’s target is to blackmail people and NOT to help or protect them.

We can notice that the first comment to this video was posted by This is Lebanon page: “Leave a review on their Facebook page: Davoyan Diamonds”. In fact, the Davoyans do not have a facebook page, therefore, This is Lebanon page created a new page for the “Davoyan Diamonds”. The proof is that the date of creation of “Davoyan Diamonds” page is the same as the date of posting the video on This is Lebanon. This proves that the target is simply to defame and blackmail the employer.

4- The Legal Fraud committed by “This is Lebanon” and a note to its readers:


It is clear that what happened can be legally described as “Blackmailing” since the page asked for money and used illegal means to damage the reputation of the employer and to blackmail a well-known family by exploiting and utilizing innocent and weak workers.

It is a shame to show the public that you are aiming to help people whereas your real target is to blackmail people using illegal means such as creating fake pages on facebook or other platforms to harm them and exert pressure on them to get the requested amount of money.



Please consider this comment as an official warning to “This is Lebanon” page, and to any person sharing this video, since the latter shall be considered to be a partner in the same crime and a participant in blackmailing the Davoyan Family.

Noting that the mentioned page is administered by a Nepali person living in Canada and targeting Lebanese people by blackmailing them. May justice be done in Lebanon or at distance!

Meanwhile, please be careful not to fall victim to this page, and help us by reporting this page to save other potential victims.

Meet The Abusers

Raffi Davoyan of Davoyan Diamond Dealers Have Two Filipino Slaves
Raffi Vahe Davoyan

Raffi is chief slaveholder and business owner. He has taken steps to pressure his workers to change their testimonies. It is hard to imagine the pressure they are under in his household.

Carine Davoyan of Davoyan Diamond Dealers Have Two Filipino Slaves
Carine Davoyan

Previously featured on fashionfromfrancetomiddleeast, Carine tends to prioritize purchasing high-end clothing over paying the people who serve her on a daily basis.

Joseph Yazbeck, Friend of Davoyan Diamond Dealing Slaveholders
Joseph Yazbeck

Joseph is a graudate from AUB and USJ, and he is personally charged with helping cover up the abuse and enslavement of these women. He has been persistently messaging the people who have shared and comment on the posts about the Davoyans.

Davoyan Diamonds – “125 Years of Integrity”

Also known as Davco Diamonds in Lebanon, this is one of the two diamond businesses owned by the family of slaveholders.

Davoyan Dealers Are Slaveholding Family WIth Two Filipino Slaves
Davoyan Diamonds, BVBA

This is the Belgian branch of Davoyan diamonds. It’s hard to imagine it’ll live through international scrutiny.


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عبيد الألماس: تجار الألماس دافويان يملكون عبدتين فلبينيتين

إن عائلة دافويان، تجار الألماس في لبنان وبلجيكا، مدينون لعاملتيهما المنزليتين بأكثر من 40،000 دولار. يرفضون الدفع لهما وإرسالهما إلى بلدهم.

روزماري جالينو ورينا فاكتور عاملتان من الفليبين

رافي وكارين دافويان تجار الألماس و مالكي العبيد

احتجز تجار الألماس عاملة منزلية كعبدة وهم مدينون لها بمبلغ 23،650 دولار

تبلغ مستحقات العاملة الفلبينية روزماري جالينو ما يزيد عن رواتب أكثر من 5 سنوات بذمة مالكي العبيد، رافي دافويان وزوجته كارين دافويان (نيي ديميجيان). إن عائلة دافويان هم الجيل الرابع من تجار الألماس الأثرياء الذين لديهم تجارة في عاصمة الألماس البلجيكية أنتويرب وفي بيروت.

عملت روزماري لأول مرة عند عائلة دافويان في لبنان من 2 تموز 2006 إلى 17 آذار 2014. وبدأت براتب 200 دولار شهرياً. في الإجمال، كان يجب أن تكسب 18،400 دولار مقابل أكثر من 7 سنوات من الخدمة. لقد قبضت فقط 9000 دولار من هذا.

فلماذا لم تقبض روز ماري سوى نصف المبلغ المستحق لها؟ أخبرتها عائلة دافويان أن راتبها طوال المدة هو 12000 دولار. لماذا يكذبون، نظراً لكونهم تجار ألماس، فهم بالتأكيد لا يفتقرون إلى المال؟

وحتى على أساس الرقم الضئيل لعائلة دافويان، والبالغ 130 دولاراً في الشهر، كان هناك عجز قدره 3000 دولار. يجب أن نذكر أيضاً أنه على أساس سنوي، يحصل العاملون في المنازل على زيادة في الرواتب من قبل أصحاب عملهم لتفانيهم. لم يتم زيادة راتب روزماري أبداً.

طوال فترة عملها عند عائلة دافويان ، طلبت روزماري العودة إلى بلدها عدة مرات. تزعم أنهم تجاهلوها، وتركوا صلاحية جواز سفرها و أرواقها تنتهي. في النهاية تمكنت من العودة إلى الوطن الفليبين.

روزماري تعود إلى لبنان للمطالبة برواتبها المستحقة

بعد أول مرة عملت فيها عند عائلة دافويان، عادت من الفليبين إلى لبنان في 6 أيار 2014 ، ضد رغبات عائلتها. أرادت روزماري الحصول على مستحقاتها المالية، ووعدوها بأن يعطوها لها إذا عادت إليهم. هذه ممارسة شائعة تستخدم لإستدراج عاملات المنازل إلى لبنان؛ لقد رأينا هذه المارسة تستخدم عشرات المرات في حالات مماثلة من عدم الدفع.

كما وعدت عائلة دافويان برفع راتب روزماري إلى 500 دولار شهرياً. لهذه الفترة كان يجب أن تقبض روز ماري 33،000 دولار حتى تاريخه. حتى الآن لم تتلق سوى 12،350 دولار.

لقد احتفظت بسجل دقيق مؤرخ لجميع المبالغ التي قبضتها. هناك عجز قدره 20،650 دولار لهذه الفترة. في المجموع، بلغت قيمة مستحقاتها من عائلة دافويان 23،650 دولار، وفقاً للتقديرات الأكثر تحفظاً.

لقد توصلنا إلى أنه يجب أن يُدفع لها 30،050 دولاراً على الأقل بناءً على راتبها في كلتا الفترتين. ناهيك عن الرحلات الجوية إلى الوطن وغيرها من النفقات التي يجب على أصحاب العمل تغطيتها ، وفقاً لعقد العاملة المنزلية.

روزماري: “أخبرتهم عدة مرات أنني أريد العودة إلى المنزل ، لكنهم تجاهلوني.” “في بعض الأحيان تقول لي [كارين دافويان] أنه لم يحن الوقت لإرسال راتبي”.

اتصلت روزماري بنفسها بنا في 26 تشرين الأول. وأوضحت أنها لا تعمل بمفردها، وأن زميلتها الفلبينية رينا فاكتور كانت أيضاً لا تقبض أجر ومن المحتمل أنها غير موثقة.

في بادىء الأمر سمعنا عن روزماري جالين عبر عاملة فلبينية اتصلت بنا عبر صفحتنا “هذا لبنان” في 24 تشرين الأول 2019. وأوضحت أن روزماري أرادت العودة إلى عائلتها، لكنها لم تستطع المغادرة لأن تصريح إقامتها قد انتهت صلاحيته و لم يجدده صاحب العمل. أخبرتنا أيضاً أن صاحب العمل قد أعطى روزماري راتبها مرتين في السنة فقط وليس المبلغ بالكامل. اتصلت أخت روزماري القلقة بنا، وسألنا عما إذا كان بإمكاننا المساعدة في إطلاق سراحها.

روزماري جالينو: حقائق رئيسية

  • فترة الخدمة الأولى: 2 تموز 2006 – 17 آذار 2014 – فترة 7 سنوات و 8 أشهر.
  • بدأت براتب 200 دولار شهرياً. لم يزداد هذا على الإطلاق. كان يجب أن تقبض روز ماري 18،400 دولار ولكنها لم تقبض سوى 9000 دولار. أخبرها رافي أن راتبها طوال المدة هو 12000 دولار. حتى على أساس الرقم المنخفض لـ رافي (والذي يصل إلى 130 دولاراً في الشهر)، هناك عجز قدره 3000 دولار.
  • فترة الخدمة الثانية: 6 أيار 2014 – حتى الآن (5 سنوات و 6 أشهر).
  • راتب 500 دولار شهرياً. كان ينبغي أن تقبض 33000 دولار. وقد قبضت 12،350 دولار. احتفظت روز ماري بسجل دقيق للمبالغ المستلمة والتواريخ. هناك عجز قدره 20،650 دولاراً للفترة الثانية.
  • إجمالي العجز: 23،650 دولار (بناءً على أرقام رافي للفترة الأولى). النقص الفعلي: 30،050 دولار.
  • تعتقد روزماري أن مدة صلاحية تصريح إقامتها وتصريح عملها قد انتهت منذ وقت طويل، لكنها لا تعرف متى بالضبط لأن جواز سفرها وأوراقها مصادرة. تم تجديد جواز سفرها هذا العام

رينا فاكتور: حقائق رئيسية

  • وصلت إلى لبنان في 22 حزيران 2013. لا تزال تعمل حتى يومنا هذا عند عائلة دافويان – فترة 6 سنوات، 5 أشهر
  • الراتب الشهري عندما وصلت كان 250 دولار. كان يجب أن يزداد الراتب على مر السنين.
  • إجمالي الراتب على أساس الرقم المنخفض 250 دولار في الشهر هو 19000 دولار. قبضت 8200 دولار. هناك عجز قدره 10،800 دولار.
  • انتهت صلاحية جواز سفر رينا وتصريح الإقامة وتصريح العمل. لم تبذل عائلة دافويان أي جهد لتجديدهم..


سجلت روزماري ورينا مقاطع فيديو قصيرة عن وضعهما. تقول كلاهما إنهما تريدان العودة إلى الوطن لكن عائلة دافويان ترفض إرسالهما.

تقول رينا: “نطلب المساعدة للعودة إلى الوطن لأننا مرهقون جداً ومحرمون من النوم. لديهم الجرأة للتذمرمن عملنا لكنهم لا يدفعون لنا “.

بعد التأكد من الحقائق من كل من روز ماري و رينا، اتصلنا ب رافي. يمكنك الاستماع إلى المحادثة على اليمين. أنكر أنه مدين بأي راتب و حتى قال إنه قد دفع مقدماً. قال إنه “في كل مرة يذهب أصدقاء روزماري إلى الفلبين ترسل معهم النقود، وترسلها أحياناً بواسطة Western Union .”

عندما سألنا رافي عما إذا كان لديه إيصالات بالمبالغ، أجاب: “منذ متى في لبنان عندما ندفع مساعدة منزلية نحصل على إيصالات؟ هل هم شركات؟ هل لديهم دفاتر إيصالات؟ يبدو أنكم لستم على علم بالنظام في لبنان. في بعض الأحيان يتظاهرون بأن Western Union مكلف، و يذهب هؤلاء الأشخاص مباشرة إلى القرية. كل يوم لديهم قصة جديدة، ابن عمهم مريض، وصديق مريض، إلخ، لذلك في بعض الأحيان عندما يغادر أصدقائهم ترسل المال معهم. حتى أعطيتها بعض المال مقدماً لأنها أرادت شراء أرض. أنا لست مديناً لها بأي

شيء. “

عندما أرسلنا رد رافي بالتسجيل الصوتي إلى روزماري، أجابت: ” انظري كيف يكذبون. إنه صاحب عمل سيء للغاية. قالوا لك إنهم يعاملوني هنا كفرد من الأسرة ..لا .. أنهم لا يفعلون ذلك. إنهم غاضبون مني لأن أموالي كبيرة جداً معهم. يا سيدتي قد يطردوني خارجاً. قد يجلبون الشرطة لتأخذني. أنا خائفة. “

من المهم أن نلاحظ هنا أن روزماري تعارض كل ما قاله رافي: لم تكن تُعامل بشكل جيد ، أو حتى قبضت رواتبها كاملة.

رافي دافويان: “نعامل روزماري كعضو في العائلة”

في 7 تشرين الثاني، أرسلنا رسائل لرافي عبر واتساب تفيد بأن هدفنا ليس فضحه؛ بل هدفنا هو إرسال روزماري ورينا إلى بلدهما مع رواتبهما. قلنا أننا نود التوصل إلى اتفاق عادل لجميع الأطراف المعنية.

أجاب رافي: “أقول لك مرة أخرى أن روز تعامل معاملة أحد أفراد الأسرة وأنها مرتاحة أكثر بكثير، و تعيش حياة أفضل بكثير في منزلي من الراحة والظروف التي اعتادت عليها في منزل والديها. الجزء الأكثر إثارة للسخرية هو أنني سأستخدم كلماتك (أنت مدين ل روز بـ 23،650 دولار) وهو خطأ 100٪ وغير صحيح على الإطلاق. على أي حال سأحاول جمع كل الأوراق والمستندات الخاصة بي وسأعود إليك في غضون أسبوعين. لا يمكنني ترك عملي وقضاء أكثر من ذلك على هذه القضية حيث استغرق الأمر نصف يوم. لدي بعض الأشياء الأخرى لأهتم بها. وأفترض أنك تدرك ما يواجهه بلدنا ويمر بالكثير الآن. في المرة القادمة التي تخاطبني فيها قل السيد رافي أنا لست مساعدك هنا. وداعاً.”

في 10 تشرين الثاني، أرسلت روز ماري و رينا مقاطع فيديو جديدة إلى “هذا لبنان” تم تسجيلها بوضوح تحت الإكراه. رينا، على وجه الخصوص، تبدو خائفة للغاية. من الواضح أنه قد تم تدريبهما على ما يقولان.

كلاهما تقول إنهما تأسفان على مقاطع الفيديو الأولى وتعترفان بحبهما لأصحاب العمل الذين لم ينكروا عليهما رواتبهما أبداً بل حتى اشتروا لهما الهدايا ومنحوهما مكافآت. تقول رينا: “إنهم مثل عائلتي. أحبهم.”

فمن هم عائلة دافويان؟ هم تجار الماس، أصلا من أرمينيا، مع شركة متعددة الجنسيات. يقول موقعهم على النت : “تقليد عائلي منذ عام 1890. 125 عامًا من النزاهة.” اعرف المزيد عنهم في تعرف على المعتدين.

تعرف على المعتدين

كارين دافويان

ظهرت سابقاً على fashionfromfrancetomiddleeast، تميل إلى إعطاء الأولوية لشراء الملابس الراقية مقابل دفع الأشخاص الذين يخدمونها يومياً.

رافي فاهي دافويان

رافي هو مالك العبيد الرئيسي وصاحب الشركة. لقد اتخذ خطوات للضغط على العاملتين لديه لتغيير شهاداتهما. من الصعب تخيل الضغوط التي يتعرضون لها في منزله.

دافويان للألماس، BVBA

دافويان للألماس – ” 125عاماً من النزاهة”

يُعرف أيضاً بإسم Davco Diamonds في لبنان ، وهو واحد من شركتي الألماس المملوكتين لعائلة مالكي العبيد.