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"[This Is Lebanon's] case of 21-year-old Lensa Lelisa in March 2018 changed everything."

Middle East Eye Testimonial About This Is Lebanon

"This Is Lebanon has succeeded in raising the visibility and voice of migrant domestic workers more in one year than all other NGOs have in 10 years”

Ozy Testimonial About This Is Lebanon

"The strength of reaction against volunteer-run This is Lebanon is also an indicator of effectiveness. Despite their controversial tactics, they are one of the few groups who have managed to bring tangible change to the lives of migrant domestic workers while raising awareness within Lebanese society of the injustices implied in the kafala system."

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"This Is Lebanon’s content has been shared by prominent news agencies and human rights groups around the world."

Fair Planet's Testimonial About This Is Lebanon


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Investigate Allegations, Retraction After Return to Workplace

The Washington Post Writes About This Is Lebanon Fighting Kafala

Flights out of locked-down and crash-strapped Lebanon began Wednesday for some foreign domestic workers stuck in the Middle Eastern country and wanting to return home.

Al Monitor Writes About This Is Lebanon

Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon are not protected by labor laws, but a new website hopes to give them a voice to speak out against abuse.

Aljazeera Writes About This Is Lebanon

'Pay or become famous', online activists warn employers accused of mistreating domestic workers in Lebanon.

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