Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

Abeba was sexually assaulted by Mazen and raped by his brother, Assaad. She was locked in with Mazen for 4.5 years and is owed $10,400 in unpaid salary.

Walid Shami abuses his own parents and steal's Linda's salary

Hussein Mawla works for General Security and has a side hustle as an illegal recruitment agent. There are multiple complaints of salary theft by him and his family.

Alaa and Zahraa sent two workers home without their salaries.

Jean Geagea of Al-Chwar Restaurant enslaved Gifty using her as forced labour to clean his restaurant.

Multiple victims of sexual abuse by Nakhle Gabriel, owner of Gabriel Services recruitment agency, have come forward with strikingly similar testimonies. From stolen salaries to physical abuse and coerced sexual acts, survivors like Mercy, Grace, Elizabeth, Sylvie, and others expose a pattern of exploitation at Gabriel Services.


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