Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Mohamad Omari and Hasna Said Haddid, from Tripoli, are owners of Las Perlas Resort. Regina alleges that she suffered physical abuse while working for them and that Mohamad tore up her passport and owes her 9.5 months salary.

A positive outcome after 8 months of negotiations on behalf of Veronica Ansah

Mary Mensah is owed $1800 of unpaid salary. Unfortunately, in order to return home, she was left with no choice but to sign a liability waiver which further protects her employers and exploits her.

Meskerem recounts the forced labour she endured working for Hiam Sawan and Abdallah Ghandoura. She faced physical abuse by Hiam Sawan and is owed $2,365 in unpaid salary.

Jane* a Nigerian nurse spent 11 months in Lebanon with elderly employers that exploited, physically abused, and assaulted her

Doris is not only owed 4 months of unpaid wages but has also been the victim of reported sexual harassment at the hands of her employer Jamal Halabi.


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