Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

Jovelyn has worked under extremely difficult conditions in the household of the Tabbaras. She alleges being raped multiple times by Ousama Tabbara resulting in a pregnancy. Jovelyn has filed a lawsuit against him in the hopes of obtaining justice.

Shewaye started work for Ibrahim and Inaam when she was 14. She is owed 6,200 USD for 3 years of unpaid labor. The judiciary system failed her.

Etenesh was 18 when she went to Lebanon. She was starved and overworked by her first employer, subsequently physically abused and partially scalped by her agent, and allegedly raped by her second employer's son

Hosy Hamdan, Rapist of Gharifeh & Torturer Scalper and Agent Ramez Hamade in Lebanons Kafala

Mavis was exploited and is owed 7 months of unpaid salary

Mohamad Omari and Hasna Said Haddid, from Tripoli, are owners of Las Perlas Resort. Regina alleges that she suffered physical abuse while working for them and that Mohamad tore up her passport and owes her 9.5 months salary.

A positive outcome after 8 months of negotiations on behalf of Veronica Ansah


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