February 19, 2021 | 6:55 am | Send Us Home

Embassy of the People launch live-stream music event for #SendUsHome campaign

Due to the devastating explosion that took place in Beirut on Aug. 4th 2020 in the midst of an economic crisis, and a worldwide pandemic; thousands of Domestic Workers were left on the streets with no end in sight. An initiative to assist Migrant Domestic Workers was set up in response: The Embassy of the People.

To unite in this time of crisis, Embassy of the People teamed up with local artists in Kuwait and uniquely, took action in the most practical way possible given the circumstances. By hosting a live-stream musical performance online, they collaborated with artists to help raise funds in order to get as many Migrant Domestic Workers back home to their families as possible.

The performance helped raise $31,777, enough funds to send 48 people back home to their loved ones in Sri-Lanka, Nigeria, Togo, and Sierra Leone.

We spoke to Zaina Ammouneh from Embassy of the People to gain an insight into what spurred this team into action, read the full story below

What was your role in helping set the fundraising up?

As long as I helped, that is all that matters. The rest is just irrelevant details. The outcome is 48 people went home.Generally speaking though, Embassy of the People is a platform created by a group of like minded individuals that want to give people the opportunity of lending a hand where needed. No affiliations, no official organizations and no commitment to one cause. We are just people, helping people - which makes us huge believers and advocates of empathy in its most basic form. Regardless of all political, racial or religious affiliations, at the end of the day, we are all simply humans. This event is just the first of a series of many other opportunities for people to positively impact other humans’ lives.

Was there just artists from Kuwait or from different countries? 

All artists are residents of Kuwait.

How many people signed up to the livestream and tuned in?

We had approximately 1000 viewers.

What motivated you to set up the event?

We knew people wanted to help and didn’t know who to trust with their donations. We also understood people were overwhelmed with all the uncertainty going on whether due to the pandemic, or the unfortunate and tragic occurrence in Beirut.  The thing with giving is that it does not always have to be linked to dire circumstances and immediate relief; we believe it should be a way of life, affiliated with positive experiences. Generally, when people donate, it’s driven by heartbreak. With EOTP, we adopt different social, whether local or worldwide causes that allow people a platform to give, and give happily.  What if people can associate giving to a feel good experience? What if we can all lead by example, in our daily decisions and actions? What if it is doesn’t have to be, “I have to” but “I want to”. What if each and every one of us is proactive and responsible for their own little corner? We have faith in people, and each persons’ individual power. And we believe in the change that can bring.

What was it that motivated you to choose to raise money for migrant workers in particular?

We thought of various different causes. We had input from friends in Lebanon that this particular cause was time sensitive and was not getting enough attention. One of our main concerns was safely getting the money to the right people and making sure it was used properly. As travel was restricted, we couldn’t personally be there to see distribution. Various great organizations and individuals were already on immediately relieving Lebanese people, so we felt that cause was getting a lot of attention. At the end of the day, it does not really matter who you help, as long as you are positively impacting another human’s life.

If you had a message to send to people about the situation of migrant workers in Lebanon and across the region, what would it be?

Regardless of any countries specific laws regarding domestic workers - these things are out of our control and this is not our dialogue. Focus on what you as a human being can control - our personal behavior and moral compass. What do you stand by and how would you like to be treated? Understand the crucial role you play in life; understand the individual power you have and multiply that with 8 billion and you get the collective power. Learned behavior, is just that - learned behavior. The way things are done, is in essence, established previously - a thing of the past. Complaining is easy, blaming is easier. But what are you taking responsibility for?

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