There’s A Petition To End The Kafala System In Lebanon

Backed by the United Nations, the Girl Up campaign in Lebanon has launched a petition calling on the Lebanese government to end the Kafala system. The petition already has over 25,000 signatures and counting.Lebanese activists have long been calling to dismantle this unregulated and inhuman system of neo-slavery.

The Kafala system contracts give little to no rights to migrant workers in Lebanon, and the little is often breached since the Kafala renders them totally subservient to their employers.

That status becomes abusive and even enslaving when employers don’t acknowledge the principles of human values and mistreat their house helpers.

While it isn’t the case with all Lebanese employers, there have been too many incidents of abuses and oppressions “permitted” by the Kafala, which makes house helpers vulnerable and unprotected by the law.

English | June 15, 2021



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