State Sponsored Slavery is Alive and Well in Lebanon

It is time to abolish the Kafala employment system, a legal employment framework and hostile immigration system that effectively ties a worker’s legal status to their employer.

Lebanon has reached our headlines in recent years with the refugee crisis, the rubbish crisis and the institutional and economic crisis that they are currently facing. Most notably we are familiar with the October 17 revolution where activists organised in numbers and took to the streets, calling for a revolution and a complete overhaul of the corrupt political elite.

Amidst this revolution and the global pandemic, Lebanon’s currency fell into complete hyperinflation; prices tripled, the banks (illegally) took control of people’s money, and over half of the population were left destitute. And then, on the 4th of August, the crisis in Lebanon deepened even further. The explosion of the Beirut port was tragic and nobody in Lebanon was spared the impact from that traumatic day. Over 200 people dead, thousands displaced and forced into homelessness and unemployment due to government negligence.

English | December 14, 2020



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