Saudi Arabia will scrap ‘slavery-like’ labour laws that prevent millions of low-paid migrant workers from leaving their employers in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia has been repeatedly criticised for its 'kafala' sponsorship system. Under the new law, workers can leave & travel without their boss's permission. Kingdom will also abolish 'runaway' reports for those who do not turn up to work. These reports effectively make the workers criminals at risk of being jailed. The new regulations will not apply to the country's 3.7 million domestic workers.

Human rights groups have repeatedly called on the country to abolish its 'kafala' sponsorship system, branded by critics as a modern form of slavery that binds workers to their Saudi employers.

The Saudi human resources and social development ministry said that from March 14, expatriates will no longer need their employers' authorisation to change jobs, travel or leave Saudi Arabia, which is home to some 10 million foreigners.

English | November 4, 2020



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