Keeping the Focus on Protecting Migrant Worker Rights – New Tool for Hotels in Qatar

Some concerns around the World Cup selection were linked to deep-rooted problems within Qatar’s existing labour practices, including the so called ‘kafala’ system – a labour sponsorship system that ties migrant workers’ visas and work permits to their local employers. Other concerns focused on the high levels of wage abuse and worker debt caused by unethical practices around the recruitment of migrant workers to develop the massive infrastructure expansion necessary for delivering this mega-sporting event.

By removing the power employers held over workers with the cancellation of No Objection Certificates to change employers, and by providing greater legal clarity regarding termination of employment, Qatar becomes the first country in the Gulf to effectively dismantle the ‘kafala’ system.

These steps send a strong message to other governments in the region of what can and should be done to bring national legislation more closely in line with international labour standards.

English | February 17, 2021



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