Humiliated, mistreated, extradited

The Kafala system in Lebanon delivers foreign workers to their guarantors. Those affected have to endure hunger, beatings and humiliations. The economic crisis could change that.

A trash bag with some clothes - Vanessa * couldn't pack more than she fled. "I couldn't get to my suitcases, it had to be quick. My madame was only just outside the door," says the 27-year-old from Ghana about the evening at the end of 2019 when she escaped her tormentors in Lebanon . The escape taxi was waiting outside the door.

Many Lebanese are trying to get rid of their foreign workers. In April, a man offered his Nigerian housekeeping "for sale" to a $ 1000 Facebook group. "She is 30 years old, active and very clean," he wrote in his post, for which he was later arrested on suspicion of trafficking.

German | June 11, 2020



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