Bangladeshi migrants leaving Lebanon en masse, crowding Bangladeshi Embassy seeking exit visas

BEIRUT: Some 400 Bangladeshi migrants gathered outside the Bangladeshi Embassy in Bir Hassan in the south of Beirut Tuesday. They crowd was trying to gain entrance to the embassy to have their exit visas expedited in order to leave Lebanon.

“Before there was work but now, with no money, life is impossible. Food, water, lodgings, this all costs money and there is none, so of course we want to return to Bangladesh,” he said.

“We have our child and our parents back in Bangladesh,” explained one married couple who also wished to remain anonymous. “Before these problems started five months ago, we would make $600 a month and send $400 to our family by Western Union. But now there is a problem with the shortage of dollars, there is no work and our accommodations cost $120. We cannot survive.”

English | February 4, 2020



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