We need your help to evacuate migrant domestic workers in Lebanon NOW!

Frequency Asked Questions

If I donate, does the money go to helping domestic workers stranded in Lebanon?

YES! That is the exact purpose of the campaign. 100% of the funds go to the direct costs with repatriating the workers from Lebanon.

How much does it cost to repatriate a worker from Lebanon?

It costs approximately $500 / ticket. If it sounds like a lot to you, it is that much more for someone who just escaped abusive conditions where they were making $0.06 / hour. We are not asking you to pay for the whole ticket for each worker, we just want you to do what you can. Multiply your impact by becoming a fundraiser for the campaign!

What are the costs in repatriating a worker?

The three primary costs are plane tickets, COVID-19 tests, fines from general security (extortion) and quarantine fees for workers who arrived back home. By far, the plane ticket are the most expensive of these three costs. We are going to use 100% of the funds given through this online campaign for the plane tickets and COVID-19 tests that are required in order to board the plane. This giving campaign is part of a larger advocacy campaign. That larger advocacy campaign includes pressuring Lebanon's general security to end their extortion for workers attempting to repatriate and for sending countries to take responsibility for their people. If we (a tiny organization of just a few full-time employees) are able to purchase the workers plane ticket then Lebanon's General Security can let them pass through without extortion and their home countries can provide them safe shelter for their quarantine.

Can I become a fundraiser for this campaign?

Yes! Please do! Just go to the giving page and hit "Fundraise" at the top.

How is This Is Lebanon going to repatriate all the workers in Lebanon?

We are not planning on repatriating all the workers, because that would be impossible for us to handle. We are repatriating the ones with the most dire circumstances who need to make it home as quickly as possible for their physical and mental health. This is only the first step of an intense, long-term campaign. Soon after launching the give portion of the campaign, we are going to launch the rest of the stages which include advocating the sending countries and International Organization for Migration both step up and help these workers. Follow us on social media, you won't miss it!

How is This Is Lebanon going to be held accountable for these funds?

You will hold us accountable! You can see see the public amounts on our campaign giving page, and are posting the reports with receipts of the expenses incurred for tickets and COVID-19 tests on our #SendUsHome Progress Tracker.

What if I want to do more?

We would love for you to get more involved in serving the migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. Here's a few ideas:

  2. Become a fundraiser
  3. Get involved in the day to day running of the campaign
  4. Assist the relief efforts for workers waiting outside their embassies and consulates
  5. Contact us with another idea!