Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

Aber promised to pay Janet "when the country is good again." Janet's still waiting.

Zeina Abdo Zamil and Walid Abdo sent Sarah home with the promise they would send her salary by OMT. They never did. Zeina has 700+ pairs of shoes.

Shakira suffered physical and sexual abuse and non-payment of her salary during her year in Lebanon. She contacted "This Is Lebanon" three months after repatriation, asking for help to retrieve her 7 months' unpaid salary.

Sara was unpaid for 8 months then beaten by her agent and his son before being forced into a new contract.

Six workers paid George thousands to help them become documented. He took their money and disappeared.

Sexual harassment, non-payment of salary, injured in Beirut blast, detained at the airport, and imprisoned due to a false accusation.


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