The following is a testimony from Ednalyn Almazan, a Filipino woman who came to Lebanon in August 2014 to work for Dr. Lina Dakar Mattar, a dermatologist, and her husband Dr. Jean Maurice Mattar, an orthopedic surgeon. After two years of working for the Mattars, she asked to return home to the Philippines but her employers wouldn’t let her. She says she was not allowed any days off, and she says that she suffered physical abuse from her employer after she purchased her own ticket home. She left Lebanon in October 2017, having worked for them for over three years. To this day, she is owed $1,850.

“Hi. I’m Ednalyn Almazan. I started work in Lebanon on 23 August 2014. My employer, Lina Dakar Mattar, is a dermatologist. She has a clinic in Jounieh and in Achrafieh. The family live in Brick Lane, bloc b Hazmieh, and Aqua Marina 1 Tabarja Beach Motel. I worked in Lebanon for more than three years for the same employer. The name of her daughter is Marilyne and her sons are Maurice and Karl. Her husband’s name is Maurice Jean Mattar. He’s a doctor and works in a hospital in Jounieh.

They were nice to me for the first two years so I extended on the understanding that I could go home in Apri 2017.

In April I asked to go back to the Philippines but they wouldn’t send me. I didn’t have a day off. I was always in the house or chalet. In July, August, September and October Dr. Lina beat my arms cause I’d decided to go back home as soon as possible.

I paid for my one way ticket. On 15 October 2017 I flew home. In the airport Dr. Lina gave me part of my salary but not all of it. They owe me $1,850. She promised me she would send it to me but I’m still waiting. I sent a message to send the rest of my salary but they didn’t reply although they read my message. I want my salary. I got tired working for them. I pray that they send the rest of my salary.”

To help Ednalyn Almazan get her full salary, you can contact the Mattars on the numbers below: 

Dr. Lina Mattar: 03- 630406

Dr. Jean Maurice Mattar: 03-643040

Dr. Lina Mattar works here: Dermamed, Professional Service, Achrafieh.