Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon

When we asked Anna Khoury to pay Gamane her 7 months unpaid salary, she took her to Savera Agency who sold her and refused to give us her new employer's number.

Happiness was physically abused by Rana Mawla. She took refuge in her embassy and spent 9 months in a shelter before finally making it home.

Randa Dana El Mawla of Lebanon - Starves Her Workers and Serial Abuser Known to General Security - Abuser of Happiness Paul

Mother from the Philippines: enslaved for 21 years by Issam Hayek and his family in Nabatieh. Her family had no idea if she was dead or alive.

This story has been updated, as following Arlene’s departure, Ahlam Sharref Eldine continued to abuse and enslave a further four employees. How has she been allowed to continue to employ and abuse more domestic workers?

Serial Abuser and Slaveholder Ahlam Hamade is the Monster in Your Bad Dreams

On December 4, 2019 Mulu jumped to her death from the 5th floor. She had been denied contact with her family, was physically abused and had unpaid salary.

Elie Kahwach and Pauline Chahine, Abusers of Mulu Aged 21 Plunges to Her Death in Plight to Escape Slavery

Thanks to pressure from This Is Lebanon, Doreen’s employers finally let her return home on 7 June, 2019. She left Lebanon with $1,000 in cash and $9,197 paid via Western Union in four separate payments. No wonder Doreen was dancing with joy when she got home.

Doreen - Paid $9000 Thanks to This Is Lebanon


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