Abused and infected with COVID-19, Nigerian domestic workers are stranded in Beirut · Global Voices

Forty-three Nigerian women are currently holed up in three safe houses in Beirut, Lebanon, after they were kicked out of their employers’ home where they worked as domestic workers, following a massive explosion in Lebanon on August 4.

The explosion at a portside warehouse in Beirut caused adverse shockwaves that killed 135 and wounded 5,000 people, reports the Guardian. On August 10, following widespread protests, Lebanese prime minister Hassan Diab along with his cabinet resigned from office.

The explosion uncorked pent up anger of the Lebanese people who were already undergoing a stringent financial crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic with increased job losses. 

However, migrant domestic workers — mostly from countries in Africa — were the worst hit. 

English | August 13, 2020



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